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Sale By Tender 

The Village of Paradise Hill offers for sale the following property

                                                         Lot 7 Block 13 Plan BU 5259 Ext 21
                                                                     311 Railway Street
                                                                Paradise Hill, SK  S0M 2G0


          A tender must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked “Property Tender” addressed to the               Village of Paradise Hill, PO Box 270, Paradise Hill, SK  S0M 2G0.

                                         Tenders must be postmarked by 12:00 pm on April 11, 2019.
      A certified cheque to the municipality for 5% of the amount of the tender must accompany the tender.
                                                Taxes and cost on the building are $5,080.91.
                                              Highest, or any tender, not necessarily accepted.
               Successful bidder will have 30 days to provide the balance of cash to complete the purchase.
                      Successful bidder will be responsible for all legal fees associated with the purchase.
 For more information or to book viewing appointment, call Village of Paradise Hill at 306-344-2206.
Dated the 21st day of March, 2019.
Cynthia Villeneuve
Village of Paradise Hill



 Please do not flush wipes, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, or any products advertised as flushable down your toilet.
These items may appear to flush with no problem, but they do not break down like toilet tissue, so can plug sewer lines.
 Wipes advertised as flushable do not break down and can also plug lines.
 Even though they don’t plug your toilet, they can still cause problems farther down the line.
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