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Our Outdoor Community Rink is officially open! 
Come on down and enjoy! 
Located West of 4th Ave on Railway Street.

 Please do not flush wipes, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, or any products advertised as flushable down your toilet.
These items may appear to flush with no problem, but they do not break down like toilet tissue, so can plug sewer lines.
 Wipes advertised as flushable do not break down and can also plug lines.
 Even though they don’t plug your toilet, they can still cause problems farther down the line.
We now have our own Townfolio account!
Townfolio is a trusted community profile network used by municipalities and businesses to access hard-to-find public data and discover local opportunities across the country.
All the census report gathered into one profile.
Go check it out by clicking our link below!

Paradise Hill Community Centre
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